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Australian Greens Education Spokesperson to speak at anti-Ramsay Centre rally at Sydney University today

Media Release
Mehreen Faruqi 31 Oct 2018

Australian Greens Education Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, will today speak at 'Stop the Ramsay Centre! Protest at the USYD Senate' and will call on Sydney University to drop plans to engage with the Ramsay Centre. Senator Faruqi is a former academic of the University of New South Wales.

When: Today (31/10), 12:30PM

Where: Sydney University (F23 Administration Building, Eastern Ave).

Senator Faruqi said:  "As a former academic, I can unequivocally say that allowing any organisation to control curriculum, let alone one as shady as this centre, is a huge mistake. Sydney University should not even be having this conversation.

"There are multiple schools in Sydney University already studying Western Civilisation already, so what do they really want? They want control. And they want to churn out students with an unquestioning view of what they believe Western Civilisation is. That is their agenda.

"They are seeking a nationalistic and uncritical view of Western civilisation with all the imperialism and colonialism airbrushed out. This is deeply offensive. We must push back hard against this idea cultural supremacy.

"We must stand up strongly and proudly for academic freedom and critical thinking. We will not hijacked by a narrow ideological agenda."

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