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Motion: Everyone Deserves a Home

Mehreen Faruqi 13 May 2020

I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

   (i) housing is a human right and everyone deserves a home,

   (ii) the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated how broken our housing system is, with decades of marketisation leading to extraordinarily unfair and inhumane housing outcomes for the community, and

   (iii) we must ensure a home for all during and after this crisis;

(b) calls on the National Cabinet to take leadership and put in place:

   (i) rental holidays and waivers for rent arrears, with increased support to prevent rental debts down the track,

   (ii) a national freeze on rent rises now and after the pandemic, and

   (iii) mortgage relief with no interest accrual, a ban on foreclosures and a freeze on owners' credit ratings;

(c) calls on the Federal Government to increase funding for emergency housing now and beyond this crisis; and

(d) calls on the Federal Government to include construction of 500,000 new public and community homes in Australia's economic stimulus, to create jobs and provide homes to people.


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