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Motion: NSW Bushfires

Mehreen Faruqi 5 Feb 2020

I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that in New South Wales (NSW):

(i) the bushfire crisis has wrought havoc and destruction, with the Bush Fire Danger Period starting early and winter fires plaguing the state's north as early as August,

(ii) since last winter, fires have burnt at least 5 million hectares,

(iii) 25 people have lost their lives to bushfires and hundreds of homes have been reduced to ash,

(iv) more than 800 million animals, birds and reptiles have been killed, pushing some species to the brink of extinction,

(v) Regional areas and parts of the state dependent on tourism are experiencing devastating economic impacts,

(vi) 74% of people living in NSW have been impacted by the bushfires and smoke in some way, and

(vii) an estimated 2 million adults have had smoke-related health impacts, with shops running out of breathing masks and an increase in hospital visits for smoke-related illnesses;

(b) expresses its solidarity with the people of NSW who have been impacted by the worst of the bushfire crisis; and

(c) thanks firefighters and emergency services for their extraordinary courage, resilience and commitment in the face of this unprecedented bushfire season.

Question agreed to.


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