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New Report Highlights Gov Failures On PFAS

Media Release
Mehreen Faruqi 31 Aug 2020

Australian Greens Senator for NSW, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has said that the latest progress report of the parliamentary PFAS Sub-committee, tabled today, has highlighted failures of the Government in adequately dealing with PFAS contamination.

Among other recommendations, the Committee recommends “that the Government prioritise assisting property owners and businesses in affected areas through compensation for financial losses associated with contamination emanating from Defence bases, including the possibility of buy-backs.”

Senator Faruqi said:

“The nation-wide damage wrought by toxic PFAS chemicals has been extensive and people have suffered for too long.

“The government has not done enough to adequately deal with PFAS contamination. Financial compensation must be provided for residents and property owners, including buy-backs.

“Communities are still concerned about the lack of consistency and a piecemeal approach to PFAS management. They have ongoing worries regarding contamination on non-Commonwealth sites.

“The government is dragging its heels on banning the use of PFAS across the country. We know the alternatives exist, they just aren’t being used.

“I want to thank and acknowledge community members and community groups across the country who have been organising on PFAS contamination and compensation issues, including in NSW. This saga has been immensely exhausting for so many,” she said.

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