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Tudge Shouldn’t Be A Minister, Let Alone Education Minister

Media Release
Mehreen Faruqi 18 Dec 2020

Australian Greens Education spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has said that Alan Tudge’s appointment as Education Minister is a disturbing development.

Senator Faruqi said:

“Anyone who a federal court judge has found to have acted criminally is not fit to be a minister of the government.

“It’s no surprise that this is the sort of ‘talent’ the Prime Minister wants to elevate in the government’s efforts to defund and privatise education.

“This disturbing appointment shows how little the government values the education system.

“While many educators will be glad to see the back of Dan Tehan, sadly his replacement is no better.

“What we need is a return to free and universal early learning, fully-funded public schools, well-funded and fee-free TAFEs and universities, and serious government commitment to a world-class education system to drive our rebuild after the pandemic,” she said.



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