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Bishops Rorting Poor Students Must Be Held Accountable: Greens

Australian Greens Spokesperson for Education, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has reacted to the Catholic Schools NSW documents leaked to the ABC that confirm their practice of taking funding meant for disadvantaged schools to subsidise fees in wealthy areas.

Senator Faruqi said:

“Private school rorting of their disadvantaged students like this should be illegal. It’s an indictment on our education system that it’s not.

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Rental Snapshot Shows Gov Must Invest In Social Housing, Retain JobSeeker Rate

The Greens have said that Anglicare Australia’s latest Rental Affordability Snapshot update, released today, has shown that only a tiny percentage of rentals (1 percent or less) are affordable for Australians on low incomes, and this will only get worse if the JobSeeker payment is reduced in the coming months.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Australian Greens Housing spokesperson, said:

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Senate Sends Strong Message To Gov On Unis Bill

Australian Greens Education spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has said that the Senate has fired a warning shot at the Morrison Government, voting 24-24 for a Greens motion to establish an inquiry into the Job-ready Graduates Package legislation.

Though the motion was defeated, it was supported by Labor, the Greens, and Senators Lambie, Griff and Patrick.

Senator Faruqi said:

“The Senate has sent a strong message to the Morrison Government today. This hugely significant legislation must go to a Senate inquiry.

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Speech: TAFE

For decades we've seen our TAFE system ripped apart by successive federal governments and state governments through neglect, through lack of funding and through privatisation. This is incredibly short-sighted and destructive. TAFE educates and trains the skilled workers that communities, businesses and industries across the country depend on. TAFEs will be at the centre of rebuilding after the bushfires and the pandemic as we transition to a renewable energy future.

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Motion: Referral of uni fee hikes bill to an inquiry

I move:

That the provisions of the Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-Ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Bill 2020 be referred to the Education and Employment Legislation Committee for inquiry and report by 30 November 2020.

The PRESIDENT: The question is that business of the Senate motion No. 3, in the name of Senator Faruqi, be agreed to.


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Speech: Australian Education Legislation Amendment (Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children) Bill 2020

I rise on behalf of the Greens to speak to the Australian Education Legislation Amendment (Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children) Bill 2020 which has been introduced by Senator Hanson of One Nation. The bill amends the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority Act 2008 to require ACARA to ensure that school education provides what the bill refers to as 'a balanced presentation of opposing views on political, historical and scientific issues'.

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Speech: International Students

I have spoken numerous times in this chamber about the government's failure to support international students during COVID-19. Sadly, since I spoke on this matter in June the situation has deteriorated even further for the hundreds of thousands of international students who have been left high and dry. Students who are greedily welcomed here are then treated as cash cows.

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Speech: Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Improving Assistance for Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Families) Bill 2020

I rise to speak on behalf of the Greens on the Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Improving Assistance for Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Families) Bill 2020. The bill makes changes to additional childcare subsidy (child wellbeing) and to the calculation method used when an individual whose relationship status changes throughout the year meets the childcare subsidy reconciliation conditions.

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