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Australian Greens Education Spokesperson to speak at anti-Ramsay Centre rally at Sydney University today

Australian Greens Education Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, will today speak at 'Stop the Ramsay Centre! Protest at the USYD Senate' and will call on Sydney University to drop plans to engage with the Ramsay Centre. Senator Faruqi is a former academic of the University of New South Wales.

When: Today (31/10), 12:30PM

Where: Sydney University (F23 Administration Building, Eastern Ave).

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Speech: Discrimination Free Schools

I rise to speak on the Greens sex discrimination amendment bill, the Discrimination Free Schools Bill 2018, and I do so very proudly. This is the reason I joined the Greens. We do not accept discriminating against people on any basis. We will not accept and allow discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, marital or relationship status, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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Speech: legalised discrimination against LGBTQI+ students and teachers

Last week I thought I'd woken up in the 1950s. The Ruddock review into religious freedom recommended that the ability for religious schools to legally discriminate against LGBTQI students and teachers be entrenched in federal law. We already know the horrific consequences that such laws have for people in our community. Young people in all schools are receiving the very public message that they are not accepted. LGBTQI students feel they have to live their teenage years in silence and hide their identity for fear of being expelled.

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Schools that Discriminate Don’t Deserve A Cent of Public Money

Australian Greens Spokesperson for Education, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has said that the Ruddock Review into Religious Freedom’s recommendation to expand and entrench the right to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ students and teachers is absolutely outrageous.

Senator Faruqi said: “Schools that discriminate against LGBTIQ+students and teachers don’t deserve a cent of public money.

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Australian Greens give no apology for standing up for public schools

Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale and Education Spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi have today doubled down on their defence of public schools, declaring they "will not be silenced" by a well-funded Private Schools lobby group.

"The Morrison Government has sold Australian students down the river to silence a powerful lobby group ahead of the Wentworth byelection, but the Greens will always put kids in public education front and centre," Dr Di Natale said.

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Education Funding Threats Show Tehan Isn't Up to the Job

Australian Greens Education Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has said that the new Education Minister, Dan Tehan, is not up to the job following his threats to withhold education funding to the States if they don’t accept the $4.6 billion ‘special deal’ with the Catholic and Independent sector. The Greens have consistently said that these billions must be diverted to the needy public school sector.

Senator Faruqi said:

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Weak Coalition Government Hands Hush Money to Independent and Catholic School Sector

Australian Greens Education Spokesperson, Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has slammed the Federal Government’s announcement today on Catholic and Independent school funding. The Government has announced an extra $4.6 billion for the Catholic and Independent school sectors which the Greens say is a special deal that is just "hush money" for them to stop campaigning against the Government.

Senator Faruqi said:

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